I’m originally from Zimbabwe and South Africa but Portugal has been my home for just over 30 years now! My initial degree was in Speech Therapy, but I started a new career in teaching when I came to Portugal after a couple of years in Manchester, and have been teaching English ever since, with lots of experience with very young learners and in CLIL, teaching English in other subjects like Sciences, Art, Music, and Maths. I’ve loved being a coordinator for 3 big international Erasmus+ projects, I’m a Cambridge speaking examiner and I do translations too. I’ve just started working at IH Braga full- time, after many years of part- time work on a Saturday, and am so happy to be part of the IH family on a daily basis! When I’m not working, I read, listen to music, especially jazz, and go for walks or hikes. I also love travelling and when possible, I try to visit my family and friends who are spread all over the world.