I initially trained as a Teacher of English back in 1990 and worked for a year as a teacher in Buenos Aires before moving to Portugal. I retrained as an English teacher by taking my CELTA at IH Lisbon in 2009 and have been working at IH Braga for some years now and it’s been a unique experience: teaching a language to communicate with confidence is what students of any age are looking for and this is what we always try to help them do. It’s fascinating to see 12 year-olds speaking a foreign language as naturally as though it were their own! I’m quite fortunate in that I am bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. It’s interesting that Spanish seems easy for the Portuguese. In fact, it is very simple at the beginning but it gets harder and is not so easy to master.

    In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family (I’ve got a wife and three boys), going cycling, reading, doing some gardening and even some housework (this last bit I don’t like as much!). However, I hate cloudy weather, it gets me depressed! That’s why I prefer spending my time in the open air if I have the chance.